What a… what a… what a wedding!!!

royal weddingI know, I know, I wasn’t planning on watching it – I swear. But my GF switched the dreaded TV on at 9.00AM on Friday morning and it kind of stayed on the whole day.

How the hell did that happen?

While I didn’t buy-in to the pre-wedding hype, we had casually discussed, the week before, jumping on a train and heading the hell up to London on 29th to see what all the fuss would be about.

It didn’t happen for a variety of reasons, but I concede there must have been a least a passing interest on my part. 

Anyhow, quite what happened to me on Friday I still don’t fully understand, but I found myself strangely swept along by the whole thing, which I’d later describe as ‘enchanting’.

I don’t know that makes me borderline je ne sais quoi or just plain weird.  Be right back

For me, the trip Wills & Kate took in Daddy Chas’ cheeky little sports car, complete with L plate and JU5T WED number plate, was just ‘superb’ and ‘the icing on the cake’. In fact, I said so at the time. If only Harry had stuffed a banana up the car’s exhaust, it would have been perfect.the icing on the  cake

I’m still struggling to come to terms with what happened to me on Friday, but I think I’m slowly getting over it.

Normal service shall resume shortly. Rolling on the floor laughing


  1. Ah.

    Methinks g/f's accross the uk were united in sighing longlingly upon sight of the dress/flowers/bridal entourage/cake/cars, etc, etc. This is, of course, immediately followed by whistful sighs directed toward b/f.

    I cannot help but wonder then, Michael, if I should invest in the sort of virtual wedding gear ( phillip treacey hat, jimmy choo shoes frock by posh) that might be required the next time I visit your blog!

  2. Hell yeah.... why not?! :-)

    All of last Friday's festivities have got me in the wedding mood - and I didn't even know I was capable of getting in one of those. ;-)

  3. She looked so beautiful every girl hated her and she got to marry a Prince!

    Could it be that marriage is on the cards for Michael ;)

  4. hehe.. you never know! :p


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