Model lawyer struts her stuff

From Roll on Friday 27/05/11:

For her 9 to 5, Lyndal Yaqub [pictured] toils away as an associate at Auckland firm Law & Associates, specialising in litigation and employment law. But for the rest of the time, Yaqub has a lucrative side-line as a model.

Law is not a profession known for its loveliness, [b]ut maybe things are different over in New Zealand, where Yaqub manages to juggle a burgeoning legal career - she qualified as a barrister and solicitor in 2005 - with a side-line in modelling with Scout International Models.

And whilst at first blush there seems to be a world of difference between the dry old world of lawyering and the glitz of modelling, she reckons there are clear similarities. "Litigation is about having a thick skin, being persuasive, and achieving positive results for your clients - as is modelling". And her employers have been generous enough to let her take time off for shoots on location or overseas.

Whilst she thinks of herself first and foremost as a lawyer, Yaqub explains "I continue to accept modelling assignments as I love to keep busy and it is a great way for me to inject some glamour into my life as a lawyer!"

lawyer modelGlamour is one word for it I guess. Call me a cynic, but I’ve always regarded modelling as something of a slippery slope into things a tad more sleazy. Let’s hope Yaqub doesn’t end up on page 3 of New Zealand’s version of the Daily Star offering up her nuggets of wisdom as to litigation strategy as well as a full-blown spread of her jahooblies.


  1. I think that's definitely cynical. Good for her for not falling into the trap of thinking that all successful female lawyers have to look like Janet Reno. It's perfectly acceptable to be attractive AND successful, and kudos to her for recognizing it.

  2. hehe... ohh, I don't know... Janet's got a nice fringe and that craggy 'lived-in' look going for her! :p


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