Pupillage Portal 2

Pupillage Portal 2Introducing Pupillage Portal 2 – the ideal game for embittered BPTC students and non-practicing barristers to play in between making those countless applications to chambers.

Painstakingly puzzle over how to solve the riddle of gaining a pupillage as your alter-ego, Chell, leaps from one scrape to another with the help of her trusty portal gun.  Just like the omnipotent chambers to which you apply, GLaDOS will continually goad you, trick you, mock you and ultimately reject you, leaving you a quivering heap of nerves on the floor.

Yep, just like the real pupillage portal then! Be right back


Available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


Here’s what folks are saying:

60 hours of gameplay and I’m still pupillage-less. What a bas**rd!!


“If I can’t get a pupillage with my portal gun in a video game, what chance do I stand in real life?  Screw this sh*t!”

Heck, we never said it would be easy.

Ahuwh, ahuwh, [more crying noises] … I’m not sure I want to be a lawyer anymore!

Anyway, enough of that.

So roll-up, roll-up and get your copy of the most pointless product since the Pupillage Portal for Cretins guide was published!

Pupillage Portal for Cretins


  1. My Dear Michael,

    While I fear that pupillage portal for cretins will probably not sell well to those of us who have recently emerged from the gaping maw of that hideous edifice( though it will undoubtedly be of great value to the present cache of BPTC students, who may for one reason or another be portal virgins intent on launching themselves ), you have most DEFINATEL hit on a winner with the game.

    Only one question though:

    What about those of us who have a Wii? Is having a Wii detrimental to pupillage,particularly during the second six where the desire to have a Wii may be uncontainable?

    ( actually, thats several questions but then you know me for rambling!!)

  2. Alas, it was felt it would not be commercially viable to produce a Wii version, Minxy.

    After numerous focus-groups it was discovered that whilst huge numbers of Wiis have been sold, they are quickly abandoned by users and only later pressed into service as rather expensive door stops.

    Don't tell me you're a Wii fanatic? :p

  3. When can I find some cheats for the game???

  4. I'm sure there'll be video walk-thrus on YouTube! :p

  5. My Dear Michael,

    Your blog is eating my comments! Is this because I happened to mention I have recently had a Wii?! ( Yes!! I ADMIT it!! I AM A Wii USER!!!! O the SHAME!!)

    In this season of pupillage paranoia, when ones thoughts and comments are scruitinsed and eventually passed over by a mysterious process known only to a few, I cannot help but wonder if your blog is, in fact, chairman of the Minx Pupillage Committee!!

    Andro - if you find the game cheats, point me in their direction!!


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