Law Actually Mailbag – Lawyer or “Megistrate”?

law actually mailbag2Another gem of an email plopped into my inbox a while ago.

dear michel,

i am garima from india and i wasnt to be a uk lawyer or megistrate. can u tell me what should be necessary pattern to follow...

kinda guide me..

thank you


Well there ya go. Any advice for Garima? First things first, um, what are her chances - ALL things being considered?

 Be right back

Any ‘Megistrates’ out there who’d like to advise as to her best way forward?  She’s not really fussy – she’ll happily be a lawyer in the UK instead.   

Give me strength!!!  Eye rolling smile

What I don’t really get is why someone would email a question like this when just a few minutes spent on Wikipedia would have made them much more knowledgeable.  Had Garima done that, she probably wouldn’t have emailed me, but if she had, it would have likely been something much more intelligible and worthy of being answered. 

Is that an unreasonable thought? 

Oh well, Garima, you can’t win them all.  And if you’re really set on a career in law, that’s a lesson you might as well learn sooner rather than later.

Just don’t count on me answering you anytime soon! 


  1. I feel sort of sad when I see emails like this -perhaps this is a very young person ( still at school - if going to school at all- and/or with limited pc access) with big dreams. The English may be poor, but it seems to me to be a brave attempt to ask how one goes about doing these things.

    I may have the wrong end of the stick, of course, because I dont have any further info to go on , and perhaps you do, so mine is only an(imaginative) impression.

    At the moment, though, I'm pretty sympathetic to Garima's plight.

  2. Maybe I'm too heartless! :-(

    Oh well....

  3. Michel, can you write back to Garima and ask her to elaborate on her background and career motivations? :)

  4. hehe.. I might just do that! ;-)


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