Meet Marmite - the Law Actually bunny

Marmite the BunnyCallsign: “the Marmster”. 

Also known as, “the Fluffster”, “Marms”, “Marmy”,” Boo-Boos” and “Bunster” (don’t ask).

Marmite is a rescue bunny, who’s been happily ensconced in Law Actually HQ for over 11 weeks now!!  My gf kept bunnies back in her pigtail-sporting school days, and adopting a rabbit was something we had been thinking about for a while.

We bought Marmite a big double-decker outdoor hutch, but during his ‘adjustment phase’ he kind of got used to being a house bunny. He’s got a whole room to himself (as well as being free to roam generally downstairs whilst we’re about). He loves escaping into the Law Actually campus grounds garden, enjoying the fresh air and nibbling at our freshly sprouted lawn, plants and shrubs.  But he loves a good scamper up the stairs to see what he can snout up there too. 

Marmite SittingHe must have been used to being largely hutch bound in his previous life as he struggled to adjust to having so much freedom (and space) when he first moved in with us. He’s settled down nicely since.

Marmite on GrassHe has a rather quirky habit of coming indoors for toilet sessions when he’s out in the garden - because going outside would be the height of rudeness, of course.  He’s certainly well toilet trained and his litter tray is contained in a large box which he likes to think of as his en suite.

In view of his sparkling performance since he arrived, I quickly promoted Marmite to Head of Security at Law Actually where he’s already proved his worth. About 3 weeks ago, he scared off intruders in the Law Actually data centre; it turns out some bunch of scoundrels were trying to make off with my computer speakers, but Marms foiled their plot. Despite giving chase, the Marmster couldn’t catch them. Strangely, I didn’t see anything of the intruders, but Marms insists there were 3 of them. The only evidence left of the crime was my speaker cable neatly cut in two and curious nicks up the length of various other cables.

I’ve since purchased new computer speakers (and Marms-proofed the door). Ahem.

Marmite SpinxingFavourite activities: Chewing shoelaces, nosing at everything, munching, being stroked, spontaneous binkying and generally scampering around.

Favourite foods: grass, broccoli, parsnips, carrots, the occasional grape and bunny nuggets (not forgetting his “box o’ hays”).

He’s very computer literate (for a bunny) and enjoys jumping all over laptop keyboards. Maybe I should let him write a post on here every now and then…


  1. I just audibly squeaked and then tried for ten minutes to convince the bf that we need a bunny (for security purposes obviously!). Needless to say I was unsuccessful and will have to make do with the cat *sigh*

  2. Excellent! Reminds me of the rabbit we got for my son when he was about five. Naturally, he called it 'Big-Ears', much to my chagrin when I took it to the vet. When the vet was ready to see us, he called out "Big-Ears Bolch?" to a crowded (and much amused) waiting room!

  3. How cute! Probably the most cuddly head of security I've ever seen!

  4. *squeeeeeeee*
    Top tip: if you have a landline cable, bunnyproof that too - I had a house rabbit years ago who chewed through our phoneline a few times.

  5. Aw, adorable! don't let him chew your chargers though!!


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