Qualify as an Attorney in New York or California

Yeah, baby.

Look what gem plopped into my inbox a few days ago.  I died a little bit inside when I read it.

Qualify as an attorney in NY or Canada

Qualifying as an attorney in the US is an exciting career option and will enhance your CV on a number of levels. Most UK graduates with an LLB will be eligible to take the New York Bar course and the California Bar course is open to qualified solicitors and barristers of England and Wales.

Great. Because I’m sure that’s exactly what the US needs – yet more lawyers in a country that’s long been lawyered-out.

So, go ahead: throw good money after bad in your legal education and help the US sink under the weight of all those attorneys once and for all.  (Heck, at least they won’t be able to chase ambulances from down there!!).  

Be right back


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