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police officer tats

I can get my head around a polar bear prancing about on a service station forecourt. I can cope with police officers snickering at the cheeky bear’s antics. But a police officer proudly bearing (ahem) his tats for the world to see whilst on duty is a step too far.

I thought my beady eyes were deceiving me this morning (or wondered whether it was a dodgy print in the Metro) but oh no – this is for real.

Truly shocking!

I thought police forces had a policy on that kind of thing. And don’t swallow that crap about tattooed officers being able to connect and relate to younger generations more easily than their clear skinned counterparts. Strangely enough, I don’t think we should be encouraging officers to look more like the inked-up charmers who beat their mothers for drug money and generally frequent local parks looking to ‘score’.

I know the police aren’t up to much in their current form, but you can’t have officers swanning around adorned with tattoos like football players fans hooligans.

Heavens to Betsy! What’s the world coming to?

The officer concerned could have popped on something with a longer sleeve, surely? Doesn’t he possess some kind of tunic?  A long sleeved shirt?

It’s a slippery slope, I’m telling you. We’ll have fire fighters putting out blazes with a stream of their own urine next.

Oh, and by the way, nice job Greenpeace!  Smile


  1. It's not just that one arm, it's both (I think that's the same chap):

    Not sure that I would even have noticed, or been bothered, if I'd seen him, think tattoos are just seen as normal now.

    Although looks like Lothian and Borders Police do have a policy to cover up...which they said in 2010 they'd implement as soon as they had enough long sleeved shirts to give our (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-10842995). Shirt Shortage Shocker?

  2. Yep, I think it is the same chap (skin head well I see). Honestly - what's the world coming to? ;-)

    Maybe I'm too easily offended by tats. You'll be telling me you have book themed one next! :p

    Pity the poor plod who hasn't got a long sleeved shirt. Can't they do a run down to primark, buy a load of them and find someone who's handy with a sewing machine to sew the epaulette loops in?

  3. Nah, mine's an ornate, filigree heart ;)

    I think The Burgh's police may be in their (short sleeved) Summer attire...although they'd be better off in their Armageddon attire, with this weather!

  4. Its a dude with a tattoo doing his job. I fail to see how some ink should/would/could prevent him from doing his duty.

    1. I totally agree. I am a teacher with a tattoo on my wrist. Children, parents and staff see it on a daily basis. It does not affect my role as a teacher, nor the way in which the children respond to me as a person. An individual should be able to do what they like. If they're doing their job, a tattoo is neither here nor there.

    2. I agree too, my partner works in a school, has tattoos and by no means do they hinder his professionalism. Quite the reverse, his tattoos make him more approachable...parents do not see him as a threat, someone who is trying to catch them out, but someone they can discuss their childrens' progress/problems with.
      It is not ink that creates acts of thugishness, it's the individual!!!

  5. Anon, to quote you, "Its (sic) a dude with a tattoo" - therein lies the problem.


  6. So he's got ink, and what ? Does it affect his ability to catch a rapist or murderer or stop you getting robbed and stabbed by some scumbag ? Before commenting on how rubbish the police are, I suggest you try the job: if tattoos offend you, try having a junkie with hep c spit in your face and tell you how he's going to rape your wife and kid - before some legal aid brief, no doubt tying not to think about their clients blatantly obvious guilt, try's to make you out to be the liar. THAT is offensive. Then
    again, we're just supposed to take that as part of the job, aren't we ? And yes, I also have tattoos and wear a short shirt. Complaints about it ? None. People looking at them and asking for a look ? Sometimes. Not giving a toss about it because I'm either a) helping them or b) locking them up ? Every day. And he has the audacity to shave his head ( me too ) what a ruffian eh ? Please.

    But yes, the decent in to social and moral chaos is inevitable with tattooed cops - defence solicitors will be developing a conscience next and then where will the great British justice system be ?

  7. Really, we have bigger things to worry about than whether or not police have tattoos. Get over yourself and stop imposing your moral/aesthetic judgments on others. The real issue at hand here is the arrest of innocent bears!

  8. So if you're judging the officer because his tattoos make him appear to be a football hooligan does me being a black officer also make me a criminal in your eyes?

  9. Anon - I won't dignify that with an answer. I was hoping the tongue-in-cheek vibe of my post was obvious!

  10. actually where i live and work (Colombia), the police have said thats its unacceptable to display any sort of tattoos whilst in uniform. Supported by a study from Spain re the association with delinquency. Different cultures of course but of course anyone saying such in the UK would i guess be looking for a new career outside policing the next day. It used to be that the only people with tattoos when i was in UK in said job were ex forces people but now it seems that right to wrist and beyond in full color is ok


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