Sun-seeking lawyers (and other office wallahs)

laptop sunFrom How to Geek:

Q: It’s finally getting nice and warm out… and I’d really like to work on the terrace at my office. The only problem is that my laptop screen is barely usable in the bright light! Do you have any pointers to help me enjoy some fresh air and sunshine while still getting some work done?

Working outside? Heavens to Betsy! That can’t be allowed - no matter how hot it gets.

Forget all that ‘lawyers think better with a dose of vitamin D’ malarkey. The last thing a firm wants is a claim on its hands for providing inappropriate working conditions for its staff.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to find I’m not that productive working outside anyway.

But, supposing for a second staff are allowed to nip out onto the balcony with their laptops on a summer’s day. What useful guidance does How to Geek provide for working with a laptop out of doors?

The first thing you can do is avoid direct sunlight.

Are you fricking kidding me?!? Direct sunlight was the reason I decamped to the balcony in the first place!! (You know, because like most Brits, I’m determined to make the most of the 3 precious days of summer sunshine we’re allocated each year and if that means giving myself skin cancer into the bargain, so be it).

In addition to the glare on the monitor, direct sun exposure generates a lot of heat and heat is the mortal enemy of computers big and small—laptops struggle enough to stay nice and cool without the sun baking down on them.


Maybe you could get your company to splurge on a simple umbrella and stand for the terrace if there isn’t any natural shade. Often times, even in the shade though, glare is sill [sic] a problem.

If camping out under the umbrella and orienting yourself towards the sun doesn’t help, you could also use some black foam-core to build a simple laptop shade.

Oh, now you’re just being silly. You want me to fashion a laptop shade Blue Peter style?

You know what, I think I’m going to stay at my desk.


  1. And what's wrong with a Blue Peter style laptop shade? Don't be so lazy Michael! Enjoy the sunshine! :P

  2. p.s. I like the new design :)

  3. Thanks! :-)

    If your blog is going to remain private (to invited readers only) is there any chance of an invite? :-)

  4. I'm taking a break from writing. As soon as I'm back, you'll be the first to get an invite :-)

  5. Don't despair, Michael. You can always buy a Laptop Burka! Guaranteed to keep the sun off of your screen!

  6. On second thought, just move to Florida and I will let you try out REAL sun and heat. you will beg for air conditioning.


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