Almost as boring as a lawyer’s office…

Burn baby burnFrom Huffington Post 16/02/13:

Brits have got the hots for slow-burning Scandinavian drama, from The Killing, to Borgen, to The Bridge, but the latest hot offering from Norwegian state TV might not see any takers here - a 12 hour broadcast of a burning log fire.

The NRK programme, described by the channel's head of programming Rune Moeklebust as "slow but noble television, will be a continuous shot of the wood burning - to capture the age-old entertainment of staring at a log fire.

I hear the BBC have commissioned two similar styles of show as part of their flagship Saturday night schedule.  One consists of a camera trained on a freshly painted wall so viewers can watch it dry.  The other sees a camera trained on a lawyer working at his desk.

I think the Norwegian log fire version wins every time.  Be right back


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