It's Official: I'm LLM-ing

LLM Lecture Yes, after a long summer of waiting, the dreaded LLM started today.  Actually it turned out to be a bit of an anticlimax as these things are wont to do but at least I can finally say that I'm an LLM student.

I am very impressed with the efficiency of 'my' new university, so far at least; the registration process passed more quickly and smoothly than I've ever experienced before.  I was slightly frustrated that there is a 'programme' for us new LLM students this week consisting of the usual baloney of sleep-inducing introductory speeches, library tours and, somewhat bizarrely, I'm required to go all the way into the city later this week just to pick up my 'personalised' timetable.  You what?!?

Still, on the plus side, the student diaries are the plushest I've ever seen and at least they aren't killing us with lectures on the first day - something I'm still struggling to come to terms with from the LPC.  I've a feeling that course is going to haunt me for a good few years yet.

As the week progresses, I'll endeavour to log my escapades on Law Actually.  After all, I know you're all itching to see how I'm getting on, hanging on my every word.  Or something like that!

And yes, if you're wondering faithful readers, I did order a new iPod after the tragic drowning of my previous nano.  Thus far I'm very impressed with it; it's considerably lighter than the 3rd generation nano though I'm not particularly enamoured with the rather gimmicky shake-to-shuffle feature.  I did try it the other day and it looked like I was having a seizure.  That's going to go down a storm on public transport, eh?


  1. oh come on, shake-to-seizure could be interesting and maybe even useful at times, right?

  2. That's one cool looking iPod. What model is it?

  3. Shake-to-seizure is perhaps an idea Apple should consider for their 5th generation models!

    Thankee kindly for the iPod compliment Andro. It's a 4th generation iPod nano 8GB. In blue, obviously! :-P


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