Full steam ahead for the Google Navy

From Boat Owner 15/09/08:

Google, the Internet search engine company already renowned for radical ideas has really pushed the boat out this time.

According to a patent application seen by The Times newspaper, the multi-billion-dollar company may be embarking on a futuristic server farm aboard what has already been dubbed its 'computer navy'.
Huge banks of computers storing billions of web pages may soon be housed on barges moored offshore, which would use renewable wave energy as a power source.

The company also hopes to avoid paying property taxes on the huge installations it currently runs across the globe.

Electricity consumption by internet servers is predicted to skyrocket in the next 20 years, and as a result, companies such as Google, Microsoft and Sun Systems have been investigating ever more radical solutions to the problem of keeping the electronics cool.

I have to say I quite like the idea of the whole Google houseboat/navy thing, not that it truly matters where their servers are stored I suppose. However you look at this, though, it’s good to see the companies who stand as the world’s computing superpowers do a little forward planning for the problems of tomorrow. Granted, most if not all the reasons for their doing so are self-serving as they look to cut energy costs and achieve tax savings, but if it means they become a little greener, I’m sure that’ll appease the enviro-friendly crowd into the bargain. Plus, as the internet continues to grow in importance and ubiquity, perhaps its long term sustainability is dependent on such a green and plentiful power source.


  1. Have they got an army and an airforce to go with the navy? They could have a global coo!


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