Back from Cornwall

451218734_eb6bceda36 It took a little longer than perhaps expected but I finally made it out of Cornwall alive and well. It turned into a busy 5 weeks and I will remain forever indebted to my boss of several years for finding me work, particularly at such short notice. The fact I’ve been kept so busy during the height of the summer this year is perhaps no bad thing; I certainly didn’t miss out on much beach weather after all and I’ve earned myself a chunk of money which is going to come in very useful in the coming months.

I’ve about 2 and a half weeks left before I start my LLM – and unsurprisingly I’ve still got a lot of stuff still to sort out. Most pressing on that list is quite how the hell I’m going to make it into the city each day – and on the budget I’ve set myself.  Hmmm.... should be interesting.

In the meantime, I’m tinkering about with a new web design project, sorting out the backlog of admin related stuff that has built up in my absence and, of course, waiting for a suitably dry spell of weather so I can get out and finally mow the front lawn.


  1. Welcome Back to the Ether! We've missed you!! :)

  2. Welcome back! Look forward to hearing about your experiences on the LLM.

  3. Yeah, I'm feeling anxious to be getting on with it now. Not sure how much time I'll have for blogging once I'm LLM-ing, though!


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