iPods and Washing Machines Don't Mix

This one doesn't need much explanation and I'm still pretty heartbroken about it.  Seeing as it was a birthday present that I've only had since June makes it worse also.  My poor nano took a real hammering in the washer - I'd kept it in immaculate condition but as it had slammed into the drum countless times, the edges of it are looking a little rough now to say the least.  And yes, if you're wondering, it was pronounced dead at the scene.

Suffice to say, Amazon are going to be selling another iPod nano shortly.

P.S. That white gunk on the screen is actually behind the cover - we think it's washing powder!


  1. Oh dear! I spilt water all over mine while on a plane - shouldn't really have left it on me lap! It went a bit funny but on re-setting it seems to be ok, having only deleted some songs. Or maybe some of the memory is dodgy, I don't know.

    But a full cycle would be a lot to take...

  2. Isn't it still covered by some guarantee or warranty?

  3. Good to see you back, Andro. As for my iPod, while it has a 1 year warranty against defective parts/manufacture etc. it doesn't include a customer putting it through a spin-cycle. Damn!

  4. Yeah, but they don't need to know that, do they?! ;D

    I was told by a friend, who works at Jessops - to get a new camera under the warranty, all you have to do is soak your old one in water. Apparently, it's pretty difficult to trace (i.e. why the camera has stopped working suddenly). ;D I don't know how true this is, by the way, so don't go soaking stuff yet!

  5. Hmm.. not sure that would work with iPods. I know that most mobile phones come with a water-sensitive strip left inside which the engineer can quickly check to see if a customer who's brought their phone back for saying it's faulty is genuine or tried the dunking trick.
    So.....I thought that there might be something inside iPods too. Anyway, given how battered it was after it came out of the washer, I don't think Apple would have accepted my argument that it 'just stopped working'.

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