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Over the past few months, I've been keeping a weather eye on the latest news snippets leaking through to the web about the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace; plus, it seems like I've viewed virtually every unofficial trailer out there.

So as we edge ever nearer the release of the new film on 31st October - go figure - my excitement is building steadily.  Just as with Casino Royale, I've got a lot to say on the new film including my thoughts on how well this follow-up film will be received, what kind of job the producers will do in creating a decent enough storyline worthy of the title and, sadly, the reasons why I'm slightly scared it might prove to be the start of a downward spiral from Casino Royale.

But enough of that.  I wrote a post way back in February which I realised the other day that I somehow didn't get around to publishing so will throw that up in the next day or so which covers all that and more.  For the time being, the trailer should give Bond lovers out there reasonable cause for optimism and, Judy Dench aside, why this could be another cracking Bond film.


  1. I dunno, really. Im not a fan of JB, but Mr Craig does invest the role with a certain charisma and sexiness which arguably only Mr Sean Canary ( if you have ever watched "Absolutely", you'll get the pun!) was the only other Bond able to do so.
    Looking at the trailer, I might be persuaded to go and see it, but then again, I might not...!

  2. Well don't force yourself, Minxy.


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