A Law Actually Interview with… Pooni

My second interviewee is Pooni.  Let’s jump straight in with the questions.  Smile

What’s your take on anonymity when it comes to blawging?

It definitely does not exist anymore, unless the profile you keep online is extremely unique and or kept under a different alias name

If the blawgosphere imploded tomorrow, what would you miss most?

The thing I'll miss the most is knowing that I have supporters in terms of view counts and commenters. I found it easier to deal with being jobless when I knew others were in the same situation (but twitter has taken over this part in a way now)

What’s the secret to a good blawg, do you think?

Up to date, interesting information. Always finding out something new and different helps too (as a reader)

What was your worst blawging experience?

Most probably the abuse you get from commenters who don't agree with the writer (the solicitor post I did got the most abuse) and knowing that some people no longer blog because of this (sorta relates to the anonymity of the writer being found out)

Do you see yourself in the blawgsphere in 5 years time?

Right now, no. I think blogging has always been a hobby and as I have free time I blog. I don't think I'll have enough time in the future but I would like to keep blogging about my career to help others as I never had the opportunity to see blogs etc about the legal profession when I was studying (yes I feel old now!)


  1. Good questions :)

  2. When shall I schedule time for my interview? :)

  3. Just drop me an email (michael153 (at) gmail (dot) com) and I'm sure we can arrange something! :-)

  4. Good interview! Pooni, you gotta blog more... :)

  5. Thank you :) I shall try to


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