Less than 1 week to vote

Yes, it’s come around very quickly, but there’s less than one week left in which to cast your votes for the winners of this year’s blawggies. So if you haven’t yet voted, please do so while there’s still time.  The poll will close on the evening of Friday 3rd September.

You can place your votes here

And just in case anyone gets carried away, it’s worth pointing out that the executive board Andro, Minxy and I do monitor the IP addresses of voters and look for suspicious patterns of votes. We would hate to have to disqualify anyone, so please don’t vote for your own blawg, or get friends, family or co-workers to place dozens of biased votes on your behalf.  You know the drill – keep it fair and honest. 

Oh, and for those of you getting sick of my interviews, don’t worry, the end is in sight. I’ve a handful more planned before I’ll be wrapping up this project. I think it’s been very insightful, though, and I’ve discovered a lot about my fellow blawgers that I wouldn’t have ordinarily got the chance to know. I hope you have too.

I’ve still got some big names to come, so, you know, stay tuned.  Winking smile


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