A Law Actually Interview with… Travis the Trout

Next up is Travis – let’s dive straight in:

Travis the Trout is an unusual moniker – and perhaps not the most flattering out there. What’s the background story?
It was something my dad came up with back in 2000 when I was trying to think of a unique/quirky email address. He had been to Texas and bought a singing fish - which happened to be called travis the trout - he suggested it, the email address was available and the name kind of stuck. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky3a-vLnzno)

So as you can see completely random, nothing relating to law and it makes everyone think I am a boy.

You’ve had a blog on both Blogspot and Wordpress. Which platform would you recommend for most UK blawgers and why?
Both Blogger and Wordpress were enjoyable to use. I started on blogspot because I originally had a foodie blog with blogger and i loved it. I changed over when I got restless, and wanted a new look. I don't really recommend one over the other, they are both straightforward to use for anyone new to Blawging and both have potential - after all it is the content which makes a blog so great rather than the platform. I know most UK blawgers tend to use blogger, but Wordpress has been great because I could simply set it up and leave it without wasting the time constantly tweaking it (not that you can't do that with blogger). Although the restless side of me is debating a change for my 2 year anniversary.

You recently announced that you’ve secured a training contract for a couple of years’ time. Congratulations! :-) But do you think this will change your approach to blawging or even make you pull an ASP Bites type move and throw in the towel completely?
I love blogging, so that is not going to change. I was gutted when Asp left us. With a severe lack of trainee blogs (although I can understand why) I think it is important that there is information (not firm sponsored) out there. Particularly as I am doing my TC at a smaller more niche firm (which will be a scary contrast to my current large full service firm) as I don't think that the smaller firms get much exposure. Obviously, I won't talk about work-specific things and I may end up taking a different approach when it comes down to it - but I am certainly not giving up without a fight.

You do an awful-lot of self-help type posts, largely centred around organisation and career-advancing topics. What is it about these subjects you find so stimulating?
After getting through a nightmare that my life was during my degree, it was great to start the LPC and work together as a team with the other students. We all helped each other which was a stark contrast to the competitiveness I experienced during my Undergraduate, where after a period of some time off, I struggled to catch up because everyone was so unhelpful and unwilling to share notes etc. And I don't believe that this is what being a law student/lawyer is about.

On the LPC we had a lot of fun, and we experienced everything as a close-knit group. Somehow I became the go-to girl. People would come to me for advice and tutoring (and they still do a whole year after completing the LPC). I realised that the little I did know could potentially help others.

I love the challenge of finding a better was of being more efficient and effective in what I do - particularly with regards to organisation - a form of personal development. As my family says - organisation has always been and will always be my first love. This has become significantly worse since being employed and I think this is noticeable in my writing. My writing is inspired by inspiring and helping others. For me, the actual process of writing it is the enjoyable/soothing experience for me, the content might as well benefit others.

Do you tend to look back through your old posts and reminisce or, once published, do you never revisit old content again?
I look back every once in a while - mainly to say OMG what was I thinking....

But generally speaking a don't look through it too much - my blog isn't really used as a journal but more of a companion for my personal development and challenges - which is a journey.


  1. What towel?

    *avast, 'tis a hijack*
    I have been very quiet lately, even on the commentating, but there's plenty of reasons behind it all. Whilst 'Bites isn't likely to return, I may get round to explaining all when I have a spare minute.

    I wouldn't want people thinking I've left the blawgosphere though!


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