A Law Actually Interview with… Lost London Law Student

Lost London Law Student is next up to field the questions:

Where in your list of priorities does your blawg feature?
Somewhere in between getting a new job, finishing my dissertation and going out!

What’s your take on blawgs which spring up out of nowhere, blast us with x number of posts in quick succession and then disappear without trace?
I enjoy new blogs, much like I enjoy the smell of something that is new, such as getting into a brand new car for the first time. I don't know why these blogs disappear. Most of them have a lot of promise. The legal world is a small community, we all have made similar mistakes or hold similar gripes! We can all benefit from other bloggers remarks and postings. Perhaps these anon blogs were too scared about repercussions. I remember one blog that was taken down, due to something being posted about a fight and threats to sue!!

What’s your biggest regret about your blawg?
That I didn't blog as much as this year as I would have liked to. I made a few errors and some people cottoned on to who I was. The Bar is a very small world and everyone is inter-connected somehow, I didn't want anything I posted to somehow come back on me. A former lecturer once told to read out every sentence of an essay, and ask myself, would I be happy if the LCJ read it? I've taken a similar attitude towards blogging now.

I also had, (what I thought at the time as) a prestigious job, so I thought I would limit anything that I posted. However after being recently being made unemployed for the next year, perhaps I will find time to blog again!

I also remember being a lot feistier in the old days, my blog was for those that were "lost" and didn't quite know what to do with themselves. It was also an out pore for all the people I hated at university. The geeks and the swots who always ran up to speak to Professors right at the end of a lecture etc. It was when I realised sometime during my third year, that I had become one of these people ( I had to otherwise I wouldn't have got a decent reference!)

You tend to use your blawg as a bit of a sounding-board for your career plans.  Do you find the feedback and advice you receive useful?  Has it shaped your career path in any way?
The posts you mention, have highlighted why blawging is such a good idea. I have received many comments from anonymous people to regular bloggers. All of the feedback has helped me weigh up the different pros and cons of each decision. I am very indecisive when it comes to any particular career plan. Many other bloggers have been through similar experiences and more than happy to share their wisdom.

What are the 3 golden rules of blawging in your opinion?

1. Anonymity

- This isn't a problem for many, but if you wish to be a care free blogger, make sure you don't mention too much about yourself.

2. Keep it short.

I like to read blogs, but when a post takes me more than 3 minutes to get the gist of, I switch off and feel like I am reading a case!

3. Have fun

Blogging should be about having fun. Addressing your rant/quote/wisdom of the day. If only I had posted about my first year at Uni!!

It is also really valuable to have a personal account of what you were doing/feeling at the time, even if it is a bit cringeworthy!


  1. Hello Michael! I like the blog, and don't know where you find the time to keep up with so many others. I noticed you'd been coming around (even though I've been harping on the subject of real estate lately to the exclusion of anything law-related) and wanted to say hi.

  2. CM: Thanks for stopping by Law Actually and saying hi. I try to keep up with the major developments in the US blawgosphere (for which Google Reader is a Godsend). :-)

    Diversity is the blawgosphere's key strength and I've enjoyed reading about your meandering journey in purchasing your new house. The fact I was (no, *still am*) in the market to buy, also, added to my interest. If only my GF wasn't *so* indecisive and her family *so* interfering, we might be home-owners ourselves already! (Turns out estate agents (realtors) aren't the only snakes in the grass when it comes to buying property!) ;-)

    btw, I've added you to my US blawgroll!


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