A Law Actually Interview with… Paralegal Hell

Yes, it’s time for my first interview with a non-UK blawger.  Exciting stuff!  Let’s jump straight to the questions.

How did Paralegal Hell come about? 
I always enjoyed reading lawyer and law student blogs, especially the ones that have a sense of humor about themselves, but noticed that there were no Paralegal blogs written in the same humorous tone.  We have Paralegal blogs, but mostly they are how to make your job easier, or spotlight different Paralegals, which is great, but none that actually talked about our jobs on a day to day basis. 

Needing a place to vent, I started Paralegal Hell.   I'm all for tips, Paralegals in the news, etc, but it is a blog, not a staff meeting.

How much time and attention do you devote to blawgging?  Do you think about your blawg when you aren’t actively blawgging and plan ahead as to posting topics etc.? 
I have been on a roll since starting and have about two to three posts per day, but that is because the jokes come to me on a daily basis.  Whether it is sparring with Boss or taking a client phone call, the posts just write themselves.  I don't think about the blog unless I am posting and I don't plan topics.  Whatever I write is usually on the fly.

I do try to mix humor and serious topics, but as far as planning what I write, I usually just get into the office and start blogging when I get a free moment.

I'm sure everyone wants me to ask this one. Which is better, the UK or the US blawgosphere.  And why? 
You know, this is going to sound so PC, but both have their " different sense of style".  I do have to say that the UK blawgs have really embraced my writing, while it has taken some time to get other Paralegals in the US to actually comment on my site.  I still feel the cold shoulder from some US Paralegal sites.  Most read my blog, but there is not a chance in hell that they would let me link to their blog.  I wrote about this in a post called Hurt Feelings.

Do you actively explore the ‘sphere looking for new blawgs or do you prefer just letting others find you? 
I do both.  I look at blogs that I read, look at their blog rolls and see if there is anything that can make me laugh or if I click with someone's writing.  If that is the case, I usually send an email asking if I could link their site to my blog roll.  So far, the only "no's" have come from certain Paralegal sites in the US, two of which are my top readers, although I doubt they know I know that information.

If someone emails me and asks for a link, I always very flattered and usually say yes, unless it is a Paralegal school.

How do you see Paralegal Hell shaping up in the future?
I hope that I inspire more Paralegals to blog about their own day to day jobs.  I really would love to read more Paralegal blogs, but there are not many out there.  Of course, none can be as awesome as mine :)


  1. I was your first? That is awesome :)

    Thank you. I had a good time answering your questions.

  2. US blawgosphere sounds scary...

  3. Nah... only to Paralegals. If you are a law student or lawyer, then you can have all the humor you want in your blogs...

  4. That is such a shame they take themselves so seriously.

    I was at one point considering something similar to your blog (paralegal hell) on the day-to-day experience. Until I got bogged down in process. The concept is great fun!

    P.s. michael - am I getting an interview?

  5. Yes am a law student and feel U.S has very less Paralegal blogs..i actually came online in search of the work Paralegal. I some how came to this great article and i agree with this interview..Hope you share this with lawyer communities on face book!


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