A Law Actually Interview with… Aimless Wanderer

As part of my spread the blawgin’ lovin’ campaign, I’ve decided to conduct a few ‘remote interviews’ with key members of the blawgosphere.

The idea is to hopefully reveal a little more of the blawgers behind the blawgs which make up the ‘sphere.  I’m hoping it’ll prove an interesting way of exploring and understanding the glue that holds (sometimes a touch tenuously) the blawgosphere together.  It might also go some way in making blogging more accessible to newbies or encourage wannabee blawgers to have a go.  If nothing else, though, I hope it’ll provide some interesting insights into the fascinating personalities within the ‘sphere - which we might not have otherwise got.

My first interview is with Aimless Wanderer.

How did you  get into blawging?
My friend, CBC, first got me into blawging while I was still at University... but I deleted my blog within the year. I returned to blawging as an LPC student following my Dad's funeral. I felt extremely isolated at the time as it was difficult to talk to friends and some "friends" even started to avoid me. A few good friends kept me going but I felt guilty for unloading on them so much... felt really awful. I tried to keep a diary/journal but was too scared that someone in my family might read it and be upset by it. So I suppose, I started blawging again to be less of a burden on my friends and felt safe in the knowledge that my sisters and brother would never (and probably will never) come across my blog.

How do your friends / family view your blawging activities? 
My family are completely unaware that I am a blawgger but if they found out they might be upset at how open I've been - especially at me posting the euology (since those words weren't mine alone). My friends don't really know (apart from my good friend CBC and a joking barrister I trust). Theres one other that knows who I introduced to blawging while at university and she liked Andro's design! Oh and one other... I told a girl who became a friend of mine on the LPC (Greek Girl). Not sure if shes ever read it though. Couldn't ever tell Poppins who I met shortly after Dad became ill and who I trust with my life... she'd be shocked if she knew I'd managed to fall a little bit in love with my tutor! CBC thinks I'm brave while I think I'm slightly stupid for being so damn honest...

Where do you get your blawging inspiration from?
Nowhere really. My blog has ended up becoming an online journal... I don't think too much about what I write. I just write.

If you could change one thing about the blawgosphere, what would it be?
I hate questions like these and have no idea what I'd change. Sorry!

Are you hoping to continue blawging avidly during your New York adventures? If so, do you think you'll break into the US blawgosphere?
I do hope to continue blawging while I'm New York but once I leave the UK, my current blawg will be closed for the year and I hope my readers will follow my wanderings in the Big Apple via my new blawg. I have to buy a new laptop once I get there which may take some time (and of course there the whole settling in and making friends period) but once I have it expect lots of posts and there'll be lots of photos too as I'll be investing in a cheap but cheerful camera!! I'm not sure I'll manage to break into the US blawgosphere... unless they have a US version of you, Michael! Maybe someone will take me under their wing?!


  1. I really like this idea! It's nice to find out a bit more about people behind the blogs.

  2. Thanks, Gemma.

    I hadn't actually twigged before that AW and CBC knew each other outside of the blawgosphere so I've at least learnt something from the interview - even if nobody else has! :-)

  3. Who's CBC?..

    Another good interview!


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