A Law Actually Interview with… Little Tiny Pieces

Next up in the interview chair is Gemma from Little Tiny Pieces.

Little Tiny Pieces is an interesting name?  What it inspired it; does it have any hidden meanings?
I used to have an Etsy shop where I sold handmade craft supplies and the name fit my product range, which consisted of mini versions of things.  Although I am not updating my shop at present the name stuck and has now become my online identity. 

Unlike many blawgers in the ‘sphere, you tend to avoid blogging about legal subjects.  Do you think of Little Tiny Pieces as a blawg?  Is there a particular reason you tend to avoid legal topics?  Do you think that will change in the future - particularly given your plans to do  the GDL (and eventually the LPC)?
My blog tends to be my creative outlet as I have a mundane day job and I get incredibly frustrated without a form of creativity in my life.  I suppose Little Tiny Pieces isn't a "Blawg" in the more traditional sense however I anticipate it will become more law-related as I embark on the GDL/LPC.  At present I am in the process of transferring from ILEX to the GDL so there is an unusually quiet period in my life which allows me to focus on my creative pursuits and I think this is reflected in my choice of blogging subjects at the moment. 

What motivates you to update your blog?
I have had a blog of some description for about 6 years and my biggest motivation has always been to share things that I enjoy with my readers.  I love reading comments and building up relationships with my readers/subscribers.  I also find blogging is a form of therapy for me; a way to be creative, sound off, test out ideas or celebrate the things I love!

Your blog cuts a very artistic and creative style. Do you tend to play about with the layout and design a lot?
As I have mentioned, I have had a blog for about 6 years and I have switched hosts, tried out new layouts and designs numerous times.  I have now found a host and layout that works for me however I often"tweak" things, experiment with a new colour scheme or add new pages. 

If you had to describe your blog in 3 words, what would they be?
Visual, Quirky, Inspired


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