Money saving tips for law students

student tips for saving moneyContinuing my ‘back to school’ series for law students, next up is saving money and general thriftiness.  Now freshers week is a distant memory, it might be time for a bit of common sense and sound judgement when it comes to finances..

I admit it’s a bit of a quirky list, but it should prove a useful starter for ten for any law student.

  • Budgeting: if you’re concerned about your willpower and general prudence with suddenly having so much money, create a separate bank account for the first term taking just under a third out. Go mental with it and enjoy yourself. Then grow the hell up.

  • Don't bother with expensive screen wipes for your laptop. Instead, keep the free ‘freshen up’ wipes you get given when ordering a KFC and use those instead.

  • Buying the previous edition of textbooks second hand is a false economy. The hassle of having to update them / always wondering whether the content deals with the most recent law means it’s worth paying more for the convenience.  

  • If you get a part time job, make sure the emphasis is on the ‘part’.  Anything more than 12 hours a week is silly - unless you’re planning on aiming for a ‘desmond’ 2:2 … or worse...?  Your call, partner.  ;-)

  • Don’t buy your textbooks all in one go.  You'll over-purchase and regret it. 

  • Thinking of adding a legal dictionary to your shopping list?  Seriously, don't bother.  

  • If you’re in rented accommodation avoid putting the heating on.  Instead, call your partner around for a bit of 'afternoon delight' - the thrifty way of warming up.  If in halls of residence, however, get every damn penny out of them you can.  A free ‘n’ easy approach is recommended re. lights and heating and, as far as water is concerned, consider opening a bottled water business - Delboy style.
    Finally (and this is a personal favourite of mine), always nick the vacuum cleaner for the block, keep it in your room for the term before returning it.  An alternative might be pawning it on the final day.  

  • Bum as many free meals as possible.  

  • And talking of bums, don’t bother buying toilet rolls.  Your university have plenty.  Make sure you stock up whenever nature calls on campus.

  • Always down the union?  Don't - corridor parties are far cheaper.

  • Cold feet?  Fashion your partner’s underwear  into thongs, saving the material as insoles for your shoes in the winter.  See - everyone’s a winner!  ;-)


  1. I wore heavy jumpers all through the Australian summer because I had aircon as part of my college fees. I wore shorts and singlets through winter so I didn't have to turn the air con off. I seriously don't know what I'll do without it

  2. Jumpers in summer... :-$ ... ah yes, you're 'the other way around' down under! ;-)

    And would these jumpers be like the 'coogees' as loved by Kath and Kel in 'Kath and Kim'?

    Not that I'm assuming all Australians wear that kind of stuff... :p

  3. This is going into my favourites in preparation for next year.

    Thanks :)


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