Pet Peeves

moody boy - he'll be a lawyer some dayCome on - admit it: we all have them.  Some of us just seem to have more than others.  Here are 5 I’m currently struggling along with.  There are lots more, believe me.

  1. The flailing arms of ‘large’ pedestrians when they’re walking out and about and any other pavement hoggers or those wandering aimlessly talking on their phones. Seriously, talk about asking for what you get...  
    I’m something of a passive aggressive pedestrian and I’ll happily ‘pull a manoeuvre’ on you - Michael Schumacher style.  
  2. People who bring their bikes on a train (or anywhere in a railway station).  YOU people….!!!
  3. Email - yeah, (as I’ve already admitted .. I can’t cope with it.)  But I think I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact I can’t cope.  So at least I can say I’m coping with not coping.  Which is an improvement.
  4. Phones vibrating on desks.  Heck, my blood pressure’s up just thinking about it.
  5. Name shortening - particularly mine.  I don’t really like my name (who does?), but I can tolerate it providing it’s not shortened to ‘Mike’.  Seriously, if there’s one way to royally p*ss me off, that’s it.

I know - grumpy aren’t I?  But it doesn’t make me any less grumpy when the fact is pointed out. 

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