Speed reading Ts&Cs

Lawyers are always reckoned to be the guiltiest when it comes to failing to read terms and conditions properly (outside the course of work, that is!!)

So you’re not alone in happily planting a tick in the ‘yep I’ve read and digested each of the terms’ box before ordering something online – (when, in fact, you’ve done no such thing). 

Ahem.  Be right back

So far as the least-read documents on earth are concerned, I think EULAs just edge out the terms of most online stores.  And what’s the harm, scooting down to the bottom and emphatically whacking the ‘I Accept’ radio button when you’re installing something? After all, Microsoft haven’t come over and sued your sweet merry ass yet, right? 

Better watch it though: you might just be caught out.terms and conditions - speed reading EULA

Nah… Redmond wouldn’t have the sense of humour for that! 

Found here.


  1. You mean, you don't have a collection of T&Cs from builders merchants, banks, insurers etc etc? You mean, you don't even have favourites?

  2. Well, when I want a *real* thrill, I like to wade through 75 page interconnect agreement. But most of the time I just make do reading the EULA for the Kindle app. My commute just flies by. ;-)


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