Payment Protection… lost in translation

dammit paypal
This brarmer (minus the pink text – I couldn’t help myself… sorry) plopped into my inbox a while back. I really didn’t expect something as raunchy from PayPal; since when did they get so smutty?

What’ve the smooching couple got to do with PayPal offering payment protection when one of your online purchases goes t*ts-up?

No, I don’t know either.

Anyway, good luck to the chap.  Now he’s bought his lady friend a necklace (which benefited from the payment protection thingy) I just hope she ‘puts out’.

Judging from the picture, I don’t think he’s got any worries in that department.

I just hope one of them has thought ahead.  I don’t think PayPal’s ‘protection’ stretches that far. 

(See, PayPal shouldn't be forcing me to go down these mental side roads).


  1. Paypal advised the chap that he could make a safe withdrawal at any time, thus saving the need for any other form of er protection:-0

  2. I sincerely hope he hadn't made a 'deposit' before that withdrawal!



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