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End User Licence Agreement

If you find the average EULA (End User Licence Agreement) a touch trying for its verbosity, awkwardness and generally unappealing nature, how does the above grab ya?

The lawyer in me is screaming in pain at this. The free-radical hippie undercurrent(that’s probably more under than current) is whooping for joy.

Found here.


  1. I've actually got a post sitting in my draft folder about a program on the opposite end of the scale from this -- it's a calculator program that disclaims all its results.

    What can happen if you use a "Use at your own risk" EULA? I remember signing hundreds of these as a small child with a good connection to the Mac shareware scene. I think it was basically the standard text back then.

  2. Ah - I'm always interested to hear about the blogging habits of other bloggers. Slowly developing long lists of half-finished posts seems to be a classic one... I'm certainly guilty of it too. :-)

    Mind you, as least it gives me the chance to put google docs to good use.

    As for your question re. "at your own risk" EULAs, the resultant mess involves hell and a large sheet of ice. (Or so I believe).

  3. Well, since most of what the EULA is used for is implied by copyright... that's not that bad, other than the whole EULA seeming to give them exemption from harm lawsuits.


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