How was it for you?

I was amused to see on Friday that the poll, “2009: Was it good for you?” on the Junior Lawyers site recorded a greater number of negative than positive responses. I’ve just checked again and the same proportion of yeses and noes holds sway:

Was it good for you poll

BTW: two of the yeses are mine so I guess there’s quite a lot of misery out there.


  1. I voted yes, although it should really have been a maybe lol. Bring on 2010!!

  2. hehe... I know 2009 hasn't been great for you but I'm sure 2010 will prove to be a corker!! :D

  3. I voted yes only cos I thought it was better than 2008. better again next year I hope. :)

  4. I voted 'No', making it 51% now! :D

  5. Wow.... you're all such a negative bunch. :p

  6. A big fat NO from me too...


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