Another one bites the dust: ASP Bites bows out


In case anybody didn’t see the comment left on Law Actually by ASP, here it is:

Well, I'm afraid to report that the Blawgosphere is now getting ever smaller.
I apologise unreservedly to Michael for using his post in this way, but I need to post things to my fellow blawgers whilst not, for reasons that will become apparent, putting it in the blog.

Over the past few months, I've known that some of my work colleagues have come across and read 'Bites. I, personally, did not see that as a problem. I've been careful with my posts, not referred to people by names, and not mentioned any cases I'm involved in any detail whatsoever.

The problem with blogs though is that it's a very 2-dimensional platform. There's no body language or tone of voice to show how things are intended. People can comment, but generally don't.

Today one of my colleagues, who knows about the blog etc, gave me what I would professionally term as "certain advice". This included a warning that some of posts could even get me struck off - doomsaying I'd think, but not a risk I'd rather take.
I've stewed on these comments all day, and have - with deep regret - taken the decision to close Asp Bites for the forseeable [sic] future.

It's the time of my training contract where the "big decisions" are going to be made as regards September, so I don't need any complications towards that.

I'm not going to vanish. I'll probably still stay around commenting. And I may, when things have settled down, return. But it'll either avoid all mentions of work, or be under a completely new identity and starting afresh.

Many of you have my e-mail addresses and even Michael's my "facebook friend", so do stay in touch. But, I just wanted to explain why I've done what I've done - to stop to rumours of my demise!

There’s no doubt that this will be a real loss to the blawgosphere as ASP has been one of the members of the inner sanctum since I coined the term over 2 years ago.

This isn’t the first time blawgers in the ‘sphere have ran into difficulties; off the top of my head, I know that Pooni’s had trouble, Andro had a couple of run-ins during interviews, Legally Ginge quickly wound up her blog after being ‘found out’. And I’m sure there have been others.

One thing that did occur to me in this is that perhaps the simple solution would have been to not have blogged about about work. Another option may be found in bloggers better maintaining their anonymity?  Or maybe that spoils all the fun?!

So I think I’ll throw this one out to the sphere and ask, ‘was ASP right to take a breather from blawging?’


  1. In a word Michael yes he was if he felt that way!

    I think i was pretty non comittal in my blog about who I was etc - but I am certainly outspoken and sometimes too honest, and a bit "different" in outlook and personality than many a bar aspirant (standing out is not good at the bar no matter what we are told) and i was really worried if someone outed me others would follow - and I struggle enough with interviews without someone saying Ahhh so your the one that thinks an inoportune moment. I just couldn't be botherer having to defend something which
    a) I shouldn't have to in the first place
    b) is avoidable
    For whatever reason I just felt more comfortable stopping mine - and if ASP did so should he!

    Thats not the same for everyone - certainly it never did minx any harm - she always had plent of interviews (there cant be many welsh older ex nurse candidates who studied pt and are doing PhDs)or Miss Middle, or Andro who still got an interview when the set knew, but I felt it wasn't doing me the best favour!!

    Love reading them so don't stop guys!!

  2. Yeah, I hear ya, Ginge.

    What about the prospect of coming back with a new identity... or are you still worried that old time readers will put 2 and 2 together?

  3. Nah - the reasons i don't want to blog are still the same!

  4. Agree with Ginge, if Asp felt it best to stop - it was probably right for him. Blogging is great but its not worth risking a career in a profession that is so bloody difficult to get into...

    ... employers don't appear to be that keen on bloggers!

  5. p.s. Glad you're still around Ginge - hope pupillage hunting going well.

  6. I'd have to agree with's just hard to remain anonymous and then want to blog about certain things. I have avoided the subjects but still...its very hard when all you really want are the people in your position to reassure you. It sucks :(

  7. It certainly does, Pooni! :-(

  8. Pooni - I think you've just hit the nail slap bang on the head.

    I find it eases things to share them - even if through the old bloggy wog. I certainly could have carried on without any law mentions - but I think that goes against the whole "point" of my blog, so took the decision I have done.

    People like AA manage to blog "about" work without blogging about work - and I love those stories - but it's just not quite the same.
    It just looks like it's too dangerous a profession to properly talk about work...

  9. Grrr!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe this... Asp, I really thought your blog was the most harmless!!

    This is absolutely outrageous, and it makes me really angry. How dare they judge you?! Or mention being struck off!

    I guess this just means that we've got to keep our blogging anonymous...

  10. hehe... I thought this would make you pitch a fit, Andro! :p

  11. I also find this appalling. I really do wonder what is happening to things like free speech in this country.

  12. @Andi - Anonymous Assistant.

  13. Asp, that's a fictional blog, isn't it?


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