What kind of law student are (or were) YOU?

types of law studentAnd we want the truth! :D


What it really means

Burned by

Frequently Says


The ‘I'm seriously conscientious-er’

You’re a caffeine-fuelled boffin.

Serious rejection – that one time.

“You’re so immature!”

Getting laid

The ‘Panicker’

You're mildly neurotic

That time you got things badly wrong

“OMG – I haven’t read all 8 chapters for tomorrow’s seminar!!!”

Taking a chill-pill

The ‘I'm at uni to have a good time-er’

You’re a lazy no-good waster who should have avoided getting into debt by omitting the whole uni experience

Lack of ambition and/or intelligence

“Screw this – I’m heading down the union!!”

Visiting the library / bribing or having sex with your lecturers

The ‘Dreamer’

I’m hoping to stay in academia all my life

Real life

“I don’t see the need for practical contextualisation at all.”

Waking up and smelling the coffee

The ‘Chancer’

You’ve lucked through everything so far in life and if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Hard work

“I’m going to wing it in tomorrow’s seminar”

Actually working hard for once in your cheating life


  1. Somewhere between the chancer and the panicker..

    and I teach undergrads FFS!

    Some things never change..

  2. Lost: bless you for your honesty! :p

  3. Yup, I oscillate between the chancer and the panicker myself. It's the only way to learn ;)

  4. I was a panicker, definitely o.O

  5. Hmm.... None of these criteria fits me, really... But if I had to choose, it's be the panicker.

    I take it you were The Dreamer, Michael? :P

  6. Yeah, I think most people will be stuck somewhere between the chancer and the panicker.

    Pooni, you sound like a panicky one! :p

    And Andro, that's very mean...


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