Don’t Shave and Drive

don't shave and drive On the way to work this morning, I actually saw a guy with his electric razor looking up to the sky shaving at the wheel.  But even so, it's nothing compared to this:

From the Metro 08/03/10:

"A car crash in Florida is being blamed on the fact that the driver was attempting to shave her pubic hair while at the wheel.

According to reports, Trooper Gary Dunick says that the two-vehicle smash was caused by the fact that the woman was attempting to shave her bikini area, while her former husband held the wheel.

Her car then crashed into the back of a pickup truck.

I realise that people do all kinds of things in cars and act as though nobody can see them.   But this?!?

Couldn't her old hubby have taken over the driving before she started her grooming.  Or couldn’t they have called at a service station?  Was giving her nether-regions the once-over, really that crucial?

And did she get lathered up at the wheel before she started trimming her topiary?  Surely she wasn't dry-shaving down there - far too painful.

And seriously, I hope she didn't slice anything at the moment of impact.  Else that would really have put the lash in whiplash. 

But not to worry:

Two female passengers in the pickup truck were treated for minor injuries following the crash in Cudjoe Key last Tuesday.

So I'm sure there's a personal injury claim in there!


  1. Oh yeh, the passengers would have a great claim against the driver! ;D

  2. You ambulance-chasing hussy, you! :p

    I wouldn't have fancied the idea of a razorblade anywhere near me whilst driving along... it's hazardous enough in a bathroom IMO.

  3. OMG...the pubic hair one...WHY?! o.O

  4. No idea, Pooni. It's rather troubling isn't it! :-/

  5. Thats just gross (and incredibly stupid).

  6. When a girl's got to shave, she's just to to do it, (and damn the consequences) eh?! ;-)


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