Favourite stories of the day

Here are two of my favourite news stories that have been floating about today:

From The Register 24/03/10:

"Facebook gives you the clap: Official"

The sharp rise in syphilis cases in Teesside has been partially attributed to social networking sites which incautious locals are trawling in search of casual sex.

According to the local Evening Gazette, the number of reported cases jumped to 30 last year, up from less than 10 in 200 8. Professor Peter Kelly, executive director of public health for NHS Tees, said that "reports from doctors and nurses diagnosing and treating patients suggest some sufferers are using social networking sites to find and arrange meetings with new lovers".

facebook stdNow I'm a FB user, let's hope I won't be doing my own stint in the STD clinic.

And secondly this brarmer from the Guardian:

The police have issued a warning for harassment against an airport worker after he allegedly took a photo of a female colleague as she went through a full-body scanner at Heathrow airport.

The incident, which occurred at terminal 5 on 10 March, is believed to be the first time an airport worker has been formally disciplined for misusing the scanners.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Police received an allegation regarding an incident that happened at Heathrow Terminal 5 on March 10. A first-instance harassment warning has been issued to a 25-year-old male."

The BAA employee took a photo of his co-worker, Jo Margetson, when she inadvertently went through a scanner.

"I can't bear to think about the body scanner thing," she told the Sun. "I'm totally traumatised. I've spoken to the police about it. I'm in too much of a state to go to work."


But I really love the headline comparison for this story between the Guardian and the Sun:

"Airport worker given police warning for 'misusing' body scanner"


"I love those gigantic t**ts"


sun headline


  1. LOL!! Why would you take a picture of the scan and what is wrong with facebook users these days?!

  2. I think the Sun headline answers why the guy took the photo, Pooni! ;-)

    And IMO, there's always been something wrong with FB users!! :p


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