Mortgage Appointments

mortage My girlfriend and I have a couple more mortgage consultations scheduled for the next two weeks. We’ve already had one with a well-known building society in the high street (and one that amazingly hasn’t been subsumed into Santander ). Happily, they’ve agreed to offer us more than we’ll need for a nice two bedroom semi in one of the areas we’re considering.

I’m actually quite excited about the prospect of finally moving on from renting and my GF is certainly as keen as mustard.

That said, the prospect of dealing with estate agents again fills me with abject horror.

I guess I should also swot up on the conveyancing process and am already dusting down my property law materials.


  1. Good idea to brush up on conveyancing process. Estate agents are the most horrible of creatures (can you tell I don't like them? - some can be nice but they'll be the exception). Goodluck with the house-hunting :-)

  2. You didn't go with the Southern Pebble, did you?

  3. Damn, yes.... should I not have then?! :p

  4. surprised that no one spotted the deliberate mistake in the spelling of mortgage in the picture.... mortage - I mean, honestly?!?

  5. We knew what you meant Michael :P

    Good luck with the mortgage/house stuff :)


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