Office Competition

The PA to the director has recently taken to baking cakes and cookies each Friday for the staff to consume - then including the recipe in the company's internal blog.  Quite honestly, it's long been apparent that nobody reads the internal weekly blog post summarising events in each dept., so the chances of someone taking the time to go and try baking that week’s recipe are, quite frankly, pretty negligible.

Still, I found it rather amusing yesterday when the ‘significant other’ of another employee had gone head-to-head with the PA’s offerings and baked a competing cake.

I love the competitive forces present in the workplace sometimes. They’ll be holding weekly heats culminating in a bake-off soon!office cook off


  1. ha ha that is excellent. One solicitor in our place bakes mean brownies for special occasions - he's even bringing some in for a birthday occurring when he is on holiday/leave. And when the trainees moved seats all of them brought in cakes - good times.

  2. Hmmm, maybe.... though I have to say, I find the whole bringing cakes into work like that a touch OTT. (I know, I know - I'm moaning again). :p

    BTW: it was carrot cake yesterday and I politely declined - the thought of carrots and cake somehow mixed together have always put me straight off.


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