Monday, 26 April 2010

Man charged with battery after blowing nose all over girlfriend

From 25/04/10:

A 44 year old man from Crestview, Florida  has been charged with battery after his girlfriend told police that he sealed off one nostril and blew the contents of the other all over her.

According to Crestview Police Department’s arrest report, the nostril contained blood and other bodily fluids. The man had been in another altercation which caused his nose to bleed.

The report noted that the woman had blood splattered on her face, chest, arms and pants but there were no signs of any injury on her. The man is due in court on May 4.

I realise you’re meant to share things with your other half when in a relationship but nose gunk mixed with blood really isn’t one of them.

As well as reporting her charming lover to the police, I wonder what else she did to get her own back?!?

I’m also curious what stance the DPP would have taken if this had occurred in England / Wales.

BTW: I had great fun thinking up titles for this post; alas most of them were un-publishable and had to go something conservative in the end!! ;-)


  1. Gross. This stuff only happens in Florida. There's a reason why has the separate news category of "Florida."

  2. Absolutely ridiculous... people sound be fined for bringing cases like that to court. What a waste of court not to mention police time.

  3. Yeah, it's not the best use of criminal law or police/court time is it?

    I was thinking, if they guy had HIV/AIDs and knowingly did the same thing, it would have brought an interesting twist maybe. :-/

  4. There is a case where a guy slept with someone without using a condom knowing he was HIV positive... can't remember what the charge was but its an English case (and I think it was successful).

  5. Yeah, I think there are a few similar cases relating to that situation as I recall, though knowingly blowing infected snot over someone is arguably a touch different... hence my pondering over this. :-)

  6. ... Should knowing that you're HIV positive mean you have to be more careful when blowing your nose? Is there or should there be a duty on people who have AIDS to help prevent it spreading? Its an interesting one. Might try and do some research tomorrow if feel up to it.

    All this guy did was blow his nose... really don't think he should have been charged with assault.

  7. It certainly is an interesting one! :-)

    But.... I think the point here is that he *didn't* just blow his nose but rather deliberately 'snotted' all over his GF - for want of a better expression.

    Quite what possessed him to do it is another question all together, of course! :-/