Man sues pet store after slipping in…

Royalty-Free Stock Imagery by Rubberball Yes, you guessed it.  And I would imagine it wasn’t pretty!

From Los Angeles Times 03/04/10:

A Virginia man is suing PetSmart for $1 million after he slipped in a pile of you-know-what at a Newport News store location during a trip to purchase dog food and bird seed in early 2009.

The man, Robert Holloway, says he badly injured his back, requiring surgery, and lost four false teeth in the incident.

Wow – I hope he didn’t go face-down in the stuff! Else that really would be adding insult to injury.

The suit alleges that PetSmart staff "negligently allowed animals to enter the premises and deposit feces in such a manner as to create a dangerous and hazardous condition," according to documents acquired by the Virginian-Pilot. Goodove says Holloway didn't see the feces because they blended in with the color of the store's floor.

Fancy. What a charming shade that floor must be.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that the suit was initially filed in Norfolk Circuit Court, but PetSmart succeeded in getting it moved to U.S. District Court, where a similar suit against the company was dismissed in 2008.

In court documents, PetSmart denied the allegation of negligence, according to the Associated Press.

It puts the odd grape left rolling about in a supermarket car park in perspective, I guess.  Whether PetSmart are found to have been negligent in not spotting the offending pile and getting the poop scoop out is another matter, of course.


  1. A perfectly good claim. :D Why do we get all the boring grapes?!

  2. I know... it would be fitting given the stench from the drains that your firm has been suffering with! :p

  3. Well that was expected.......PetSmartowes a duty of care to its customers...........


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