Toilet Seat Up or Down: Pros and Cons

Another corker found via Digg:toilet seat up or down

Interesting argument, though I’m not sure many ladies would agree!  :-)


  1. What exactly are you turning your blog into?! Remove this post immediately before you loose all of your readers... ;D

  2. I've always put amusing little nuggets of fun I've found on the net on my blog... this is just more of the same!! :p

  3. P.s. I cant' see the funny side of this one... ;D

  4. My Dear Michael,

    I do believe you should follow this post with comment on the heated debate of Loo Roll: should the paper roll off/be pulled off the top, or underside ?
    That this is a matter which has caused flame wars lasting many, many years surely begs some analysis on all our parts!!
    (personally, I believe the paper should run from the top of the roll - but, being a pleb, what do I know?!)

  5. Good question, Minxy. I think you're doing it correctly, though! :-)

  6. Minxy, definitely from the top (or, away from the wall).

    A good illustration >> ;D


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