Wacky Search Terms March 2010

law actually search terms march “risotto accident” – I’m guessing this either resulted in a personal injury claim or an urgent trip to the bathroom! Or possibly both! ;-)

“open university llb crap” – I’m sure it’s not that bad!

“chocolate lawyers” – I could have made a choc-actually version for Easter – along the same theme as a hollow bunny.

“law only law nice websites” - Oh please, don't tell me law actually is a 'nice' website.

“hot pubis” - oh dear.  An overheating pelvis can never be a good thing!  :-$

“what is the preferred font for a legal letter?” - that is actually a good question - any ideas?

“stray sperm in law” – Not quite sure how to interpret that!

“real life experiences in hell” – LOL, and came back to tell the tale, eh?

“cheapest llb uk” - Remember - you get what you pay for!  :p

“law cases involving sentimental loss of plant uk” – oh bless. You’ll be lucky.

“what do you do if you poke yourself in the eye and see blck dots” – well, for starters, I’d guess you’d say, “ouch, that hurt”. :-$

“woman awarded damages attacted by cow” – I should think so too, given that she was so wrongfully ‘attacted’!

“who did charlotte dymond cheat with” - fancy trying to suggest that Charlotte was a bit of a hussy.  

“pubic hair pimples” - wow... sounds painful!  :p

“LPC Student blog” - thanks, curious visitor on the network at Mogers Solicitors in Bath.  Leave a comment next time, eh?  :p

“what is the law on puke at work” - try not to, would be some good advice.

“what does experience with dictaphone mean” – I hope it’s not a pre-requisite for a job offer!

“what chat site do cops go on” – www.copsreunited dot com

“uk privacy laws bedroom window” - I smell a pervert.

“why should me wear seatbelt” – as through windscreen you might go! :p

“what makes a good stockroom assistant” – long arms, a willing attitude and plenty of deodorant I’d guess.


  1. “what is the preferred font for a legal letter?” - probably not comic sans! :)

  2. Definitely agree there... I saw that Comic Sans was short-listed recently as one of the top five worst fonts ever created! I hate it!!!

  3. I saw it used a couple of times on a letter from the insurers at work! Losers.

  4. I've been using Garamond to write cover letters for mini pupillage applications. So far, so good.

  5. I normally use Times or Arial...

    I wish I had some fancy commercial font! :D

  6. I quite like the combination of Calibri and Trajan Pro for headings

  7. I read somewhere that apparently Calibri has bad print readability.

  8. OMG Michael you really attract the weirdos don't you :P

  9. I know... they all seem to gravitate towards Law Actually. Can't think why!! :p


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