Wacky Search Terms – April Edition

wacky keywords april 2010Here’s the latest round up of weird and wacky search terms that people have punched into Google and stumbled across Law Actually.  As ever, we’ve got some real corkers in there!

“what can i do with a Blur completed with LLB” - do with a what?!?

“santa's sleigh risk assessment” – are Kwik Fit offering this now?

“i hate pupillage portal” – doesn’t everyone?

“secrets of pupillage” - I can feel another book idea coming on!  ;-)

“UK law final exams torrent” – you want to download, WHAT?

gmail inapprpriate pictures showing up in my attached pictures - oh yeah... that's what they all say!  :p

“Can you revise for llb law in one week” – what do you think?

“what can be legally sold in the street literally” – as opposed to... figuratively? :-$

“what is the name of the ink pen that lawyers use” – oh, please! :p

“What is the cut off age for a career at the law bar in uk” – There’s not!. Remember, old lawyers never die; they just lose their appeal.  wah-wah-waaaaah!  ;-)

“why is it a law to wear seatbelts?” - are you kidding me?

“law degree in itunes uk” - beats looking for it as a torrent I guess.

“how to revise quickly for law” - left it a bit late, have we?  :p

“dentist dropped tooth and root down throat” - wow... I'd stay the hell away from that dentist.

“can't get pupillage” - diddums... I'm sure you're not the only one.

“law student get laid” - is that an offer or an insult?  :p

“typical LLB hourly charge” – that’s a new one... are students charging to be taught now? Why didn’t I think of this?!?!? ;-)

“best thing to do the day before an LLB exam” – panic!

“how likely is pupillage through pupillage portal” – do you really need to ask?

“how many hours a day should i revise for my law llb exams”– lots I would say, if you’re turning to google for help with this.

“one week till my llb exam and i haven't started revising!” - Uni Looni... is this you?  Don't say you've screwed the pooch for the second year running!!!

“is hell really real” - LOL

“what is the symbol for lawyer” - *skull & crossbones*... just kidding ;-)

“why im suitable for LLM in criminal law” - If you’re having to Google the answer to this, you’re probably not suitable at all! 

“holiday arrangements honoured when undertaking pupillage” - wow... most people would give their right arm for pupillage (as well as selling their grannies and whatever other family members they deem necessary).  And you're bitching about whether chambers will honour your holiday arrangement?!

“what are law students like uk”– I would say they’re a varied bunch on the whole... :-$

“when am i getting sweres staten” – when are you getting WHAT?  :-$

“personal injury how much can i get for been knocked off a moped” - nothing.  Anything moped riders get, they had coming to them. Don’t look at me like that! :-)

“their was a shoplifter in HMV plymouth uk on Saturday” - really?  How about that.

“librarian moped” - don't tell me, it's got a near-silent engine and super-quiet tyres :p

“solicitors' hell” - clients that don't pay on time!

“how much time to revise for LLB exams” - how about, 'as long as it takes?'  :p

“Diary of a Sex Addict” – hehe... and you swung by Law Actually ;-)

“stinky tube” - dirty.

“can law lecturer fight in courtroom” - yes, they are granted a special dispensation.  ;-)

“can i just revise from revision guides llb law” - well, you can... but ...

“failure to wear seat belt and bidly injury” - oooh, sounds nasty.  No one wants to injure their bidly after all!

“day in the life of an older law student” – well, let’s see here now: I have a nap around 11 in the morning and again around 3 in the afternoon. I always wake up for countdown and deal or no deal though and I take a break from studying in the evenings by going to bingo! :p

“homemade flamethrower injury” – talk about bringing it on yourself! :-0

“is calibri a suitable font for a dissertation” - it worked for me

“girl walks into sewer”  I think I've heard this one.  Still, it makes a change from, 'a man walks into a bar'.


  1. is hell really real -thats hilarious :)

  2. “what are law students like uk”

    surely a typo; it must be:
    what are law students like? YUK!

  3. People are crazy! I love it when you type something in a search engine, for example, "Do...?" and you see what people come up with. "Do cockroaches fart?" is very much still my favourite. But, on an electoral theme, it's worth typing in "Is Gordon Brown/Tony Blair [yes, know he is retired]/Nick Clegg/David Cameron etc." and see what people really want to know about the people who are pitching to run the country. There seems to be a major obsession with Freemasons and Scottish people... Hmmm...

  4. “what is the name of the ink pen that lawyers use”

    Based on my experience it's usually called a "Biro" although "Bic" is also common.

  5. Priceless, as usual... :)))

  6. That made my saturday :)

  7. My Dear Michael,

    Where on earth do you get these people?! Are you running a cult for frankly very barmy law students as a side business to pupillage for cretins?!?

  8. Glad everyone enjoyed this batch (which were particularly wacky). Minxy, I've no idea where I get all of these whackjob readers :-(


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