F1 fans royally shafted – Parr for the course?


Parr for the course

From Planet F1 03/08/11:

Like millions of F1 fans, I was dismayed to hear that the BBC would be drastically cutting their coverage of F1 from the start of next season. I don’t like the idea of Sky, though their Skygo online service did catch my interest earlier this year.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of the Murdochs and I wasn’t well before any sniff of the phone hacking allegations emerged. Heck, I stopped buying the Times newspaper once their website went behind that ridiculous paywall. I’m a principled kind of chap y’know.

Parr, a former barrister (go figure) and currently CEO at Williams, has been a leading proponent of Bernie’s plan to screw all British F1 fans over move the majority of the coverage to Sky. (And Adam, despite what others might say, I don’t think you’re a floppy haired wally who’s helped run a once great team into the ground.) :-)

Anyhow, whatever Adam is or is not, he’s rolled out a couple of corking lines:

"To me, out of a difficult situation, I hope we're going to get the best of all possible worlds. I think Bernie put this deal together to ensure the fans would have as much as possible of what they've been enjoying."

Oh, spin it how you want. I’m still not paying for Sky though...

Parr added that: "The fundamental challenge is that Formula One is a very, very expensive show. It is not two blokes with a couple of tennis rackets and a pair of plimsolls all of which was provided free.

Yeah – fair ‘nuff. There’s no need to deride tennis into the bargain, though. Actually, tennis is awful – go ahead.

"If you go to Cirque de Soleil and you see cutting edge performers in an amazing facility constantly updating the show it costs you 100 pounds for a good ticket, or you can go to your local circus with a couple of mangy elephants and a rather droopy clown and it costs you 10 pounds. People are capable of distinguishing."

Mangy elephants and droopy clowns? Ooh – whatever next. He could have been talking about Williams’ drivers and pit crew!


  1. Christian Milfoy12 August 2011 at 21:45

    I couldn't agree with you more.

    I won't be watching f1 from next year its truly criminal that the bbc can do this.


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