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Roll on Friday are at their inimitable best, dredging up this brarmer from the depths of legal profession:

Hearty congratulations to Texan criminal defence attorney Melissa K. DuBose - the self-styled Law Lady - for her amazingly bonkers website featuring smouldering pouts, pearls and a quite un-lawyerly amount of cleavage.

DuBose seems determined to dispense with the traditional image of frumpy lawyers, all dandruff-speckled shoulders, square toed shoes and rictus grins. Instead she's pulled out her best body con dresses, sucked in her cheeks and generally upped the glamour stakes.

Melissa DuBose Melissa

Raaaight oaaaarrrrrn!  (Like my Texan drawl there?)  Eye rolling smile

But I wonder how would clients would react if Melissa DuBose (and don’t get me wrong – she’s lovely and all that) was practicing in this country?  It’s certainly a distinctive style; I’m sure she’d get an influx of male clients, hoping she’d lead them seductively into her office and take down their particulars (of claim).  

And as for her colleagues?  Probably the usual mix of jealously, snobbishness and sexual harassment.  The blood pressure of senior partners would no doubt go through the roof.  But many might find her style off-putting, too.   

If a claimant’s been mis-sold PPI, say, they want to be compensated and want a capable, friendly lawyer fighting their corner.  Whether they’re a libidinous (we live in hope) smokin’-hot-sexy-piece-of-ass with  a cleavage to rival a page 3 girl’s is beside the point.  Well, a nice bonus, perhaps?  I don’t know.

But then again, maybe clients don’t want their lawyers to be sexy.   

Positioning the ‘brand image’ of legal services is a tricky one.  Old, dry and doddery on the one hand; sharp, hard-hitting and with a thong wedged up their booty-crack on the other.  Hopefully there’s a happy-medium somewhere there.  I guess it’s approachable, friendly, and professional.  But that’s such a boring response.  

Anyhoo, talking of questionable practices in the legal profession, on returning from my casual jaunt to Sainsbury’s at lunchtime, I overheard a few fragments of conversation from a couple of lawyers (I’d caught them emerging from the double doors of a local solicitors’ practice on previous occasions) walking down the same piece of pavement.  They were talking animatedly about “Susan’s file”.

There were a few mutterings about a) what a mess Susan had left it in, b) how she’s always doing it and c) something about the content of the file which probably wouldn’t sit well with the solicitors’ code of conduct.  Tut, tut... that Susan... she’s a one!

Rather than follow them all the way back, I decided to lurk at the bus stop and pretend I was checking the timetable.  It just didn’t seem right to eavesdrop like that!
hehe... the hell I did!!  Be right back


  1. Ahhh! I wrote a comment but my amazing computer deleted it!

    In a way I think it is pretty cool and there are times that I certainly wish that in the future I would be able to dress more stylishly and on-trend, but I think there are ways to do so without sacrificing professional image. At least I that it is possible right now, but I may feel differently when I'm trying to dress for work everyday in the future!

  2. Lawyers must be able to instil trust in potential clients with their image. Don't think many people would take that woman seriously! I certainly wouldn't want her to represent me. ;D It's not her dress style, but those cringeworthy photos!! ;D

    You can dress well and still look professional. Fact. ;D

    BTW staff photos on our website are absolutely dreadful. Our opponents will be in for a good laugh if they ever google us ;D

  3. Obiter Girl - bad luck re. the deleted comment... :-( (I just hope it wasn't blogger acting up!)

    Yeah, my advice is go for it - you can't beat a 'stylish lawyer'! ;-)

    Andro - I don't think the pics were that bad... nothing like a good pout I always say! ;-)

  4. Here's a thought... I wear what I wear because it makes me happy. Some people like it and those people hire me hell with the rest of them. Excuse my french. ;) My point is, no matter what you do in life, you're not going to make everyone happy so, you may as well do what you want and be happy with the percentage of people that agree with you.

    I'm generating enough income to suit my living and I enjoy the freedom of wearing whatever I feel like wearing. The judges I work with don't seem to mind and I get far more compliments at work then tacky remarks about my clothes.

    Plus, keep in mind WHO my clientele is....accused criminals. Anyhow, that's my 2 cents.


  5. Postscript: Melissa K. DuBose died March 24, 2012. Cause of death unknown, but the family has requested donations be made to the American Society for Suicide Prevention. Draw your own conclusions. According to her obituary, she was 32.

    Memorial services were held in Dallas & San Antonio, TX.


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