Great Wireless Network Names

funny wireless network names

I’ve always gone for rather boring SSIDs in the past (but at least I did go to the trouble of changing them from the default).

My two favourites are definitely:

“Router, I hardly know her” – (which appealed perfectly to my underdeveloped sense of humour..)  Anyway, he’s obviously a prudent chap… you can tell from the padlock symbol that he ‘uses protection’ too!
  Be right back

“Abraham Linksys”

You just can’t have as much fun with Thompson routers sadly.

“SUPERthanksforasking” comes in a close 3rd (just for the hell of it).

Found here.


  1. "Use this one mom" ... I'm fairly sure I named the working printer on our wifi network that for my own mother!

  2. The things we do to help out techno-struggling parents, eh? :-)


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