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I hate the pompous drivel that make up so many law school magazines - created and edited by the usual Machiavellian chancers who will no doubt go on to become parish councillors in later life.

Other law schools don’t even bother with that.  They just dump a stack of copies of the Student Law Review on a table in the foyer and leave it at that.

But enough is enough.  There’s a gap in the market which needs a-filling and I think I’m the right kind of cynical sod to do it. 

So here’s the first edition of ‘The Law School Today’ – the law school magazine with a difference. I think we’ve got a cracking line up of features.

law school today


  1. I'd like more info on the 'How to sell your body for a pupillage' please. Times are hard and I'm knocking on a bit - would a 99p starting bid be asking too much?

    Humph, there's no need to insult - the word verification was 'woebel' - yes I woebels a bit, especially when I runs, but it's 99p for goodness sake.

  2. hehe... I'd still like to know what dark forces control word verification - particularly on our two blogs.

    There's no way this can be just coincidence.

  3. When do I get paid for writing the law school slut article?

  4. hehe... cheque's in the post John! ;-)

  5. Excellent. Working on the "I was a law student's pimp" article for the next issue...

  6. Great stuff... I'm sure it'll go down a storm. :-)

    I'm surprised demand for the free subscription to the va-jay-jay hasn't been higher. Students must be 'off law' for the summer... or else have something else on their minds.

  7. I heard a lot of students were in custody after causing a riot in Hammicks and nicking a load of books...


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