Just when you thought it was safe: death by browser toolbars

I’ve blogged previously about just how much I hate browser toolbars and nothing much has changed in the four years that have passed.

Call me nosey, but when I’m wandering down the aisle in a train carriage or am somewhere else where people are tapping away merrily and staring intently at their laptops, I’m always curious to see what browser they’re using.  I’m not judgemental (ahem!!) but when I see they’re rocking along with a toolbar in tow, I suddenly think a little less of them.

While I think a lot of people have slowly woken up to the browser toolbar fallacy, you still run into the occasional brarmer.

You know – something like this:

death by toolbars

Words simply fail me on occasions like this. 

Some people are just beyond help.


  1. Wow. Couldn't agree with you more.
    Glad I use Safari. :-)
    Though Word for Mac suffers from toolbar creep, too: not only are more available, but the main toolbar got bigger vertically! I only use Word because I have to, though.
    Hm...Both MS apps...

  2. Yeah, once again Opera rocks ;D

  3. LY - 'toolbar creep' ... I like that! :-) I don't blame you for being an MS hater... they don't do themselves a lot of favours much of the time.

    Andro - well, I guess someone has to use it. :p BTW - I've been using Opera mini on my android phone for the last 4-5 months or so. It's definitely the best browser out there at the moment (and I've tried just about all of them. If only the same could be said for their desktop version.

    I still think Chrome is "where it's at"! :-)

  4. BTW, ever seen the same in word? When people display every useless toolbar available? ;D I hate that. ;D

  5. I remember seeing it once way back... when I was doing A-levels, I recall seeing one of the tutors had toolbars stacked up in word like a bricklayer. :-0

    She also had an 'inappropriate' wallpaper... (though I'm sure you would have liked it!!) :p

    You don't really see it that much any more because of the ribbon in Office 2007 & 2010.


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