RunPee – The best app since the fireometer?

Toilet Time

From Reg Hardware 09/08/11:

RunPee is an app designed to tell when the best time is to dash out of a cinema auditorium and take a quick tinkle, without missing too much of the action.

The nuts and bolts of the app are as simple as the act of passing water. Choose a film and you are presented with a selection of time slots all long enough for a quick whizz but timed so you won’t really be missing anything by staring at the porcelain rather than the silver screen.

If you have a free hand you can also read a brief summary of what’s going on while you are actually micturating. Obviously if you are a bloke this increases the possibility of you dropping your phone into the urinal, so keep a firm grip.

Of the phone, or....?

Anyhoo, I love this idea, I’m just not that sure about the name. I’ve had a think but I’m a bit stumped for alternative names – at least those which are family-friendly. Any ideas anyone?

Downloading an app sure beats wearing an adult nappy to the cinema, or even trying Gerard Depardieu’s empty bottle trick should you find yourself ‘caught short’.

It’s a win-win for phone carriers, too, as they’ll no doubt sell more insurance packages to save users from their own folly of dropping their beloved mobile down the karzy. Yeah, the add-on sales guys love that one (at least they do whenever I’ve spoken with them).

Funnily enough, I’ve always refused phone insurance and have taken pains to point out I’ve never taken my phone into the toilet. It’s a rule of mine that if nature calls, nobody else can.

Anyway, back to the app: I’d like to see it offer the facility to book tinkle-friendly seats at your cinema of choice, i.e. those positioned near the exit or at least by the aisle.  Maybe that’ll be available in the next version? ;-)


  1. OH MAI GAWD I LOVE THIS!! As for dropping the phone in the toilet, it's a personal rule of mine to take my phone into the toilet. I have never dropped it. I think the problem, for girls at least, is that if the phone is in the back pocket!

    Totally downloading the app

  2. What a great idea!

    I remember when I went to see 'Alexander' and chose to go to the bathroom when Colin Farrell's character flashed his butt or something... ;D I was so gutted for missing that ;D

  3. Obiter Girl - well, if it's in your pocket, why not. Sure beats taking a newspaper in with you. I just hope you give it a once-over with a sterile wipe every now and then.

    (... the phone I mean... just so there's no confusion) ;-)

    Andro - what a bummer! Literally! ;-)


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