In the nicker for the ice cream licker

coffee ice cream

Nah – if you were wondering, I couldn’t do better for a headline!  Sorry.

And yes, I realise I’m a bit late with this one but I’ve been suffering from ‘blogstipation’ for the last couple of days!
Thanks to this post, everything's flowing nicely again – just as nature intended. Be right back

From 25/08/11:

A man who stole a coffee-flavored ice cream during England's riots and gave it away after just one lick has been locked up for 16 months.

Anderson Fernandes, 21, walked into Manchester's Patisserie Valerie during outbreaks of violence and disorder in the northern English city earlier in August and helped himself to two scoops of the ice cream, the Manchester Evening News reported Thursday.

After taking one lick he decided he did not like the coffee flavor and gave it to a passing woman. His DNA was found at the scene and he was hauled before a judge at Manchester Crown Court.

The fact that this rioter (ooh – am I allowed to call him that?) took the time and trouble to prepare himself a soft-scoop cornet during the melee going on around him is just priceless.  That he then didn’t like the flavour he’d chosen and after a lick or two, and gave it away, makes it even more so.

But really: who would accept an ice cream from a stranger in the street (particularly in the circumstances)?  You’ve got to really be a lover of ice cream for that.  I have a hard enough time accepting the cornet from the ice cream seller’s grubby mitt so I think it’s safe to assume I wouldn’t have entertained receipt of his two scoops.

Besides, he doesn’t look like an ice cream lover does he?

Not an ice cream lover

Oh well.  Let’s hope Anderson learns his lesson.  One thing’s for sure: he won’t look at coffee ice cream in the same way again. 


  1. p.s. there's a link in my previous comment ;D

  2. hehe... I wonder if she opened a bag, tried a couple of crisps and put it back on the shelf before taking another flavour? Or maybe she offered her unwanted bag to the shop worker cowering in the corner? ;-)


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